In September of 2012, Dominic Aulisio and Jacob Strunk converged upon New England for a road trip. Their experiences in Boston, Fall River, Salem, Freeport, Brunswick, and Portland were documented through audio recordings, black and white 35mm photography, and black and white 16mm motion picture film.

ROBE OF BONES is available in both electronic and physical formats. The electronic version, which we're giving away gratis, includes high-quality .mp3s of the original songs A Letter to Bridget (Mourning Jewelery) and Hosea, the photo book as a high-resolution printable .pdf file, behind the scenes photos, and a high-quality Quicktime of the 16mm ROBE OF BONES film.

The limited edition physical copy (SOLD OUT) includes the dead-tree photo book to toss on your coffee table, the songs on CD, and a DVD of the 16mm film. Download the electronic version HERE

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