"He's a genuine creep with a great eye."
           Teller - The smaller, quieter half of Penn & Teller

"A filmmaking force to be reckoned with."
           Loren Bivens - FX Artist; Blood Simple, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4, Stephen King's Desperation

"Twisted. Mental... Deranged."
           Planet 9 Film Fest

"[Strunk] could have a true independent classic on his hands."
           Joel PearceDVD Verdict

"No one frames a shot more compellingly. With confidence, sensitivity and remarkable skill... Strunk conveys tragic, yet simple sorrows shrouded in undeniable beauty."
           Warren Etheredge - Founder, The Warren Report; host, The High Bar

"A breath of comic relief... [This Is the Place] goes about its business with a wry smirk and fresh sophistication."
           Katjusa CisarSquare 77 

"[This Is the Place] is creepy, well acted and shot."
           Tony Timpone - Editor Emeritus; Fangoria

"Valhalla is a worthless piece of shit."
           James McLean - Producer; Death and Pancakes, John Mayer: Still Feel Like Your Man

"[This Is the Place] is beautifully made. Gorgeous compositions. Wonderful, grisly humor. Mystery. Great characters. Loved it."
           Tim Kirkman - Director; Dear Jesse, Loggerheads, Lazy Eye

"[A Shadow Before Sunrise] is warped, deeply disturbing, and my kind of film."
           David Roy - Director; Mad Song

"I cracked open [Valhalla] last night and marveled... The meditative qualities were beautiful."
           Shade Rupe - Editor, Funeral Party Volumes 1 & 2 

"[Strunk's] prose is excellent."
           Arthur Penn - Director; Bonnie and Clyde, Little Big Man, Lumière and Company

"I would recommend... if you want to see an artist at work. If you want to see how a skilled filmmaker can meticulously create a scene and create a mood."
           Bill Nagel - MicroCinema Magazine 

"He has incredible reserves of creativity, linguistic acumen, and soul.  He moves people. He cannot help but move people."
           Richard Horan - Author; Goose Music, Life in the Rainbow 

"A deranged squirrel digging holes in the yard...is more interesting than Valhalla."
           Phil Hall - Film Threat

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